Inventing reality: The politics of the mass media

  title={Inventing reality: The politics of the mass media},
  author={Michael Parenti},
Neoliberal social policy in the United States before Reagan
This work examines the role of trade agreements and the Carter administration in promoting neoliberal policy in the United States. Policy-planning groups, with extensive connections to the U.S.
Moulding and Manipulating the News
Bright Future for Democracy?
  • J. Dator
  • Political Science
    Jim Dator: A Noticer in Time
  • 2019
Lady Viqar-Un-Nisa Noon, Mr. Mazharul Haq Siddiqui, Mr. Ross Masood Husain and especially my beloved friend, Dr. Raja Ikram Azam, and all the members and supporters of the Pakistan Futuristic
Organized Labor as the New Undeserving Rich?: Mass Media, Class-Based Anti-Union Rhetoric and Public Support for Unions in the United States
Labor unions play a prominent role in the economy and in politics, and have long been depicted by opponents as an overly powerful, corrupt and economically harmful institution. In labor-related news
Twixt the Cup and the
Several years ago I debated a leading neoclassical economist about economic policy before a group of Democratic reformers in New York City. Going first, I argued for a variety of progressive
Indexing state–corporate propaganda? Evaluating the indexing, propaganda and media dependence models on CNN and CNN en Español’s coverage of Fallujah, Iraq
This study applies and evaluates the effectiveness of several critically inclined media performance models that have been termed by Robert Entman as the ‘hegemonic’ models: the propaganda and
Regulation of Speech and Media Coverage of Corruption: An Empirical Analysis of the Mexican Press
Restrictions to media freedom, in the form of repressive defamation legislation, are thought to affect the amount of information about corruption that the media report. Exploiting variation in