Invasion speed in cellular automaton models for T. cruzi vector migration.

  title={Invasion speed in cellular automaton models for T. cruzi vector migration.},
  author={Britnee A Crawford and Christopher Kribs-Zaleta and Gaik Ambartsoumian},
  journal={Bulletin of mathematical biology},
  volume={75 7},
The parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, known for causing Chagas' disease, is spread via insect vectors from the triatomine family. T. cruzi is maintained in sylvatic vector-host transmission cycles in certain parts of the Americas. Communication between the cycles occurs mainly through movement (migration) of the insect vectors. In this study, we develop a cellular automaton (CA) model in order to study invasion of a hypothetical strain of T. cruzi through the region defined by the primary sylvatic… CONTINUE READING

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