Invasion of Prosopis juliflora ( SW . ) DC and Rural Livelihoods

  title={Invasion of Prosopis juliflora ( SW . ) DC and Rural Livelihoods},
  author={Mehari Haile},
  • Mehari Haile
  • Published 2008
Prosopis juliflora, an evergreen tree/bush, is one of the most invasive species in arid and semi arid areas. Since its introduction to Middle Awash area of Ethiopia (late 1970s), it has invaded a huge amount of grasslands, rangelands and farmlands. These lands are life supporting for Afar pastoralists through provision of pastures and ecological goods. The invasion of P. juliflora made livestock rearing difficult; which ultimatly affects the Afar pastoral livelihoods. Despite this fact… CONTINUE READING