Invasion of Host Cells and Tissues by Uropathogenic Bacteria.

  title={Invasion of Host Cells and Tissues by Uropathogenic Bacteria.},
  author={Adam J. Lewis and Amanda Richards and Matthew A. Mulvey},
  journal={Microbiology spectrum},
  volume={4 6}
Within the mammalian urinary tract uropathogenic bacteria face many challenges, including the shearing flow of urine, numerous antibacterial molecules, the bactericidal effects of phagocytes, and a scarcity of nutrients. These problems may be circumvented in part by the ability of uropathogenic Escherichia coli and several other uropathogens to invade the epithelial cells that line the urinary tract. By entering host cells, uropathogens can gain access to additional nutrients and protection… CONTINUE READING