Invasion and intracellular survival by protozoan parasites.

  title={Invasion and intracellular survival by protozoan parasites.},
  author={L. David Sibley},
  journal={Immunological reviews},
  volume={240 1},
Intracellular parasitism has arisen only a few times during the long ancestry of protozoan parasites including in diverse groups such as microsporidians, kinetoplastids, and apicomplexans. Strategies used to gain entry differ widely from injection (e.g. microsporidians), active penetration of the host cell (e.g. Toxoplasma), recruitment of lysosomes to a plasma membrane wound (e.g. Trypanosoma cruzi), to host cell-mediated phagocytosis (e.g. Leishmania). The resulting range of intracellular… CONTINUE READING