Invariants of certain groups. I

  title={Invariants of certain groups. I},
  author={Takehiko Miyata},
  journal={Nagoya Mathematical Journal},
  • T. Miyata
  • Published 1 February 1971
  • Mathematics
  • Nagoya Mathematical Journal
Let G be a group and let k be a field. A K -representation ρ of G is a homomorphism of G into the group of non-singular linear transformations of some finite-dimensional vector space V over k . Let K be the field of fractions of the symmetric algebra S(V) of V , then G acts naturally on K as k -automorphisms. There is a natural inclusion map V→K , so we view V as a k -subvector space of K . Let v 1 , v 2 , · · ·, v n be a basis for V , then K is generated by v 1 , v 2 , · · ·, v n over k as a… 
Opérateurs différentiels invariants et problème de Noether
Let G be a group and ≤ : G → GL(V) a representation of G in a vector space V of dimension n over a commutative field k of characteristic zero. The group ≤(G) acts by automorphisms on the algebra of
Invariants of finite groups acting as flag automorphisms
Let K be a field and suppose that G is a finite group that acts faithfully on K(x1, . . . , xm) by automorphisms of the form g(xi) = ai(g)xi + bi(g), where ai(g), bi(g) ∈ K(x1, . . . , xi−1) for all
The rationality problem for fields of invariants under linear algebraic groups (with special regards to the Brauer group)
This is a survey on the ancient question : Let G be a reductive group over an algebraically closed field k and let V be a vector space over k with an almost free linear action of G on V. Let k(V)
Noether’s problem for dihedral 2-groups II
Let K be any field and G be a finite group. Let G act on the rational function field K(x g : g ∈ G) by K-automorphisms defined by g. x h = x gh for any g, h e G. Denote by K(G) the fixed field K(Xg:
Invariants du corps de weyl sous l'action de groupes finis
Let R be an iterated Ore extension k[y][x;σ,δ] of the complex number field k, with δ a k-automorphism of k[y] and δ a u-derivation of k[y] vanishing on k. We suppose that the center of R is k. Up to
Rationality of homogeneous varieties
Let G be a connected linear algebraic group over an algebraically closed field k, and let H be a connected closed subgroup of G. We prove that the homogeneous variety G/H is a rational variety over k


Gleichungen mit vorgebshriebene Gruppe
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Certain subfields of rational function fields
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Li e algebras and Lie groupes
    Fixkorper von p - automorphismengruppen rein transzendenter Korperer - weiterungen von p - Charakteristik
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