Invariant subspaces of matrices with applications

  title={Invariant subspaces of matrices with applications},
  author={Israel Gohbert and Peter Lancaster and Leiba Rodman},
Preface to the classics edition Preface to the first edition Introduction Part I. Fundamental Properties of Invariant Subspaces and Applications: 1. Invariant subspaces 2. Jordan form and invariant subspaces 3. Coinvariant and semiinvariant subspaces 4. Jordan form for extensions and completions 5. Applications to matrix polynomials 6. Invariant subspaces for transformations between different spaces 7. Rational matrix functions 8. Linear systems Part II. Algebraic Properties of Invariant… 
Hamiltonian matrices with respect to a nondegenerate skewsymmetric or skewher- mitian indefinite inner product in finite dimensional real, complex, or quaternion vector spaces are studied. Subspaces
Linear maps preserving the isomorphism class of lattices of invariant subspaces
Let V be an n-dimensional complex linear space and L(V) the algebra of all linear transformations on V. We prove that every linear map on L(V), which maps every operator into an operator with
Stability of Invariant Lagrangian Subspaces II
In this paper we consider various stability properties of real invariant lagrangian subspaces for real matrices which are either symmetric or skew-symmetric in a real quadratic form which may be
Perturbed marked reduced forms of invariant subspaces
Uniformly invariant normed spaces
In this work, we introduce the concepts of compactly invariant and uniformly invariant. Also we define sometimes C-invariant closed subspaces and then prove every m-dimensional normed space with m >
Invariant Synchrony Subspaces of Sets of Matrices
The theory and algorithm for finding the lattice of invariant synchrony subspaces invariant under a given set of square matrices is generalized for non-square matrices and leads to the notion of tactical decompositions studied for its application in design theory.