Invariant rational functions and a problem of Steenrod

  title={Invariant rational functions and a problem of Steenrod},
  author={Richard G. Swan},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
  • R. Swan
  • Published 1 June 1969
  • Mathematics
  • Inventiones mathematicae



This is an expository paper on work of Endo and Miyata which leads to a computation of the flabby class group of a finite cyclic group.

Real Quantifier Elimination in Practice

A survey over the knowledge on some structural properties of such rings and fields of invariants as polynomials and rational functions which are invariant under the action of a finite linear group.

Birational invariants of crystals and fields with a finite group of operators

  • D. Farkas
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 1990
It is well known that an n-dimensional crystallographic group can be reconstructed from its point group, the integral representation of the point group which arises from its action on the translation

On Steenrod's Problem for Cyclic p-Groups

Let G be a finite group and A a Z[G] module. Definition (1.1). A simply connected CW complex X is of type (A, n) if G operates on X cellularly, and modules.

A solution of a problem of Steenrod for cyclic groups of prime order

Given a Z[G] module A, we will say a simply connected CW complex X is of type (A, n) if X admits a cellular G action, and Hi(X) = 0, i # n, H,,(X) A as Z[G] modules. In [5], R. Swan considers the

Noether's problem and descent

We study Noether's problem from the perspective of torsors under linear algebraic groups and descent.



Representation theory of finite groups and associated algebras

A loom sley capable of use in high speed looms comprises a substantially tubular member, said tubular member having attached thereto a race board plate and a reed support device, said race board

Application of the theory of the group of classes of projective modules to the existence problem of independent parameters of invariant

$G$ is a cyclic group of order $n,$ $[K:L]=n$ , and $K/L$ is a separable Galois extension, having $G$ as its Galois group. Hence $L/k$ is a finite regular extension of dimension $n$ . Then the

Periodic Resolutions for Finite Groups

In 113] I indicated a proof of the following theorem: THEOREM A. Let w be a finite group of order n. Let d be the greatest common divisor of n and p(n), p being Euler's p-function. Suppose 7r has

On a Problem of Chevalley

  • K. Masuda
  • Mathematics
    Nagoya Mathematical Journal
  • 1955
Recently Prof. Chevalley in Nagoya suggested to the author the following problem: Let k be a field, K 5 = k(x 1, x 2, x 3, x 4, x 5) be a purely transcendental extension field (of transcendental

Modules projectifs et espaces fibrés à fibre vectorielle

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Sur les anneaux factoriels

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