Invariant natural killer T cells and immunotherapy of cancer.

  title={Invariant natural killer T cells and immunotherapy of cancer.},
  author={Johan W. Molling and Mar{\'i}a Moreno and Hans J. J. van der Vliet and Alfons J. M. van den Eertwegh and Rik J. Scheper and Brigitta Mary E von Blomberg and Hetty J. Bontkes},
  journal={Clinical immunology},
  volume={129 2},
Invariant CD1d restricted natural killer T (iNKT) cells are regulatory cells that express a canonical TCR-Valpha-chain (Valpha24.Jalpha18 in humans and Valpha14.Jalpha18 in mice) which recognizes glycolipid antigens presented by the monomorphic CD1d molecule. They can secrete a wide variety of both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines very swiftly upon their activation. Evidence for the significance of iNKT cells in human cancer has been ambiguous. Still, the (pre-)clinical findings… CONTINUE READING