Inv dup del (1)(pter-->q44::q44-->q42:) with the classical phenotype of trisomy 1q42-qter.

  title={Inv dup del (1)(pter-->q44::q44-->q42:) with the classical phenotype of trisomy 1q42-qter.},
  author={Daniele De Brasi and Elena Rossi and Sabrina Giglio and A D'agostino and Luigi Titomanlio and Vincenzo Farina and Generoso Andria and Gianfranco Sebastio},
  journal={American journal of medical genetics},
  volume={104 2},
We report on a girl with a trisomy 1q42-q44 due to an inverted duplication of this region, associated with a terminal deletion of the long arm of the rearranged chromosome 1. Both the large duplication (more than 30 cM) and the small deletion were detected by FISH. Complete karyotype was: (46,XX, inv dup(1)(q44q42).ish(dup del 1)(q44q42)(D1S446x2, D1S423x2, tel1q-). The phenotype of the patient is characterized by macrocephaly with prominent forehead, downslanting palpebral fissures… CONTINUE READING


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