Inulinase activity ofDebaromyces cantarellii

  title={Inulinase activity ofDebaromyces cantarellii},
  author={I. Beluche and J. Guiraud and P. Galzy},
  journal={Folia Microbiologica},
  • I. Beluche, J. Guiraud, P. Galzy
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • Folia Microbiologica
  • Debaromyces cantarellii Capriotti contains an inulinase activity which is inducible by growth on inulin but not on other β-fructosides. The induction is inhibited by glucose and fructose. The system is situated in the cell wall and can be best extracted with a 20 mm phosphate buffer at pH 8.5. The inulinase activity shows pH optima at 4 and 6, suggesting the presence of two enzymes, the latter being more tightly bound to the cell wall. Both enzymes degrade inulin from the nonreducin end. The… CONTINUE READING
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