Intussusception in cattle: 336 cases (1964-1993).

  title={Intussusception in cattle: 336 cases (1964-1993).},
  author={Peter D Constable and G St Jean and Bruce L Hull and D. Michael Rings and Dawn E. Morin and Dylan R. Nelson},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={210 4},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate risk factors and to describe clinical and laboratory findings, surgical management, and postoperative outcome for cattle with intussusception. DESIGN Hospital-based, case-control epidemiologic study and retrospective case series. SAMPLE POPULATION Medical records of cattle admitted to 17 veterinary medical teaching hospitals in North America. PROCEDURE Epidemiologic analysis of demographic data and detailed analysis of medical records for selected cattle. RESULTS… CONTINUE READING

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