Intussusception due to Inflammatory Fibroid Polyp Located at Ileum


Majority of adult intussusceptions have a well-defined pathological abnormality as the definite cause. We report a case of 27 year old woman presented with vomiting and abdominal pain. We received a polypoidal; dumbbell shaped mass measuring 4×3.5×1 cm arising from the mucosal surface at one end of the small bowel. Outer surface of the polyp was grey to blackish and cut surface was solid, grey, white and glistening with few myxoid areas. Histopathologic examination revealed it to be an inflammatory fibroid polyp. The definite cause for intussusception in this case was a rare non-neoplastic submucosal lesion that is inflammatory fibroid polyp infrequently found in the ileum.

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