Intrusion Detection Techniques in Cloud Computing: A Review

  title={Intrusion Detection Techniques in Cloud Computing: A Review},
  author={Nurudeen Mahmud Ibrahim and Anazida Zainal},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
In this paper a review of cloud-based intrusion detection system was provided. The review gives a detailed taxonomy of the existing approaches adopted by researchers in cloud intrusion detection system. The components of the taxonomy are the detection domain, detection technique, strategy for creating normal profile the architectural structure adopted by the intrusion detection system and the detection time. Based on the review open problems and research direction in cloud intrusion detection… Expand
Cloud based Security Framework for Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning Techniques
Developing an Anomaly based Intrusion Detection System using Machine Learning technique will be a suitable solution for developing a Security Framework for Cloud environment, so that the availability, fault tolerance, scalability and reliability of the Cloud environment should remain persistent, even in case of Fault or unauthorized access. Expand
A Survey of Random Forest Based Methods for Intrusion Detection Systems
This work provides a comprehensive review of the general basic concepts related to Intrusion Detection Systems, including taxonomies, attacks, data collection, modelling, evaluation metrics, and commonly used methods. Expand


Intrusion Detection and Prevention in Cloud Environment: A Systematic Review
This paper surveys the intrusion detection and prevention techniques and possible solutions in Host Based and Network Based Intrusion Detection System and discusses DDoS attacks in Cloud environment. Expand
A survey of intrusion detection techniques in Cloud
This paper surveys different intrusions affecting availability, confidentiality and integrity of Cloud resources and services and recommends IDS/IPS positioning in Cloud environment to achieve desired security in the next generation networks. Expand
An intrusion detection and prevention system in cloud computing: A systematic review
This paper surveys, explores and informs researchers about the latest developed IDPSs and alarm management techniques by providing a comprehensive taxonomy and investigating possible solutions to detect and prevent intrusions in cloud computing systems. Expand
A Review of Anomaly Detection Systems in Cloud Networks and Survey of Cloud Security Measures in Cloud Storage Applications
This review paper exposes and focuses on different IDS in cloud networks through different categorizations and conducts comparative study on the security measures of Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud, to illuminate their strength and weakness in terms of security. Expand
A Collaborative Intrusion Detection System Framework for Cloud Computing
To counter a variety of attacks, especially large-scale coordinated attacks, a framework of Collaborative Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is proposed that could reduce the impact of these kinds of attacks through providing timely notifications about new intrusions to Cloud users’ systems. Expand
A neural network based distributed intrusion detection system on cloud platform
  • Zhe Li, Weiqing Sun, L. Wang
  • Computer Science
  • 2012 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems
  • 2012
Evaluation of the proposed neural network based IDS with the KDD dataset on a physical cloud testbed shows that it is a promising approach to detecting attacks in the cloud infrastructure. Expand
A Cooperative Intrusion Detection System Framework for Cloud Computing Networks
The implementation results indicate that the proposed cooperative IDS system could resist DoS attack and only increases little computation effort compared with pure Snort based IDS but prevents the system from single point of failure attack. Expand
Towards Self Adaptable Security Monitoring in IaaS Clouds
SAIDS, a self-adaptable intrusion detection system tailored for cloud environments, is introduced, designed to re-configure its components based on environmental changes. Expand
Intrusion Detection Techniques for Infrastructure as a Service Cloud
This paper proposes techniques for securing customer virtual machines from different types of attacks in the Infrastructure as a Service cloud and describes how this can be achieved in practice. Expand
Anomaly Detection System in Cloud Environment Using Fuzzy Clustering Based ANN
This work proposes an anomaly detection system at the hypervisor layer named Hypervisor Detector that uses a hybrid algorithm which is a mixture of Fuzzy C-Means clustering algorithm and Artificial Neural Network to improve the accuracy of the detection system. Expand