Introverted Metaphysics

  title={Introverted Metaphysics},
  author={Uriah Kriegel},
: This paper pulls together three debates fundamental in metaphysics and proposes a novel unified approach to them. The three debates are (i) between bundle theory and substrate theory about the nature of objects, (ii) dispositionalism and categoricalism about the nature of properties, and (iii) regularity theory and production theory about the nature of causation. The first part of the paper suggests that although these debates are metaphysical, the considerations motivating competing… 



Consciousness and its Place in Nature

Consciousness fits uneasily into our conception of the natural world. On the most common conception of nature, the natural world is the physical world. But on the most common conception of

Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

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A World of States of Affairs

This is a position paper or trailer for a larger work in progress and having the same title. My hypothesis is that the world is a world of states of affairs. I think that I am saying the same thing

The Analysis of Matter. London: Kegan Paul

  • 1927