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Drs. Tarter, Puente, and I are pleased to present the first issue of Neuropsychology Review. This new journal is devoted entirely to the publication of scholarly review articles in neuropsychology, taken in a broad sense. That is, while the emphasis will be on human brain function, animal-model and theoretical-research reviews will be considered if there are clear implications for human behavior. We therefore invite submission of review papers covering the areas of neuropsychological assessment, rehabilitation of braindamaged patients, basic human neuropsychological research, neurobehavioral aspects of disorders of the central nervous system and psychiatric disorders, and theoretical analyses of human brain function, In keeping with this broad perspective, the editorial review board has been selected so as to represent a variety of professional disciplines, interests, and theoretical orientations. Papers will be sent to external reviewers when needed to supplement the work of the review board. All manuscripts submitted will be reviewed on a blind basis by at least three reviewers. The major reason for establishing this new journal is the rapid growth of journals and books in the field of neuropsychology. The time seemed right for a review journal in which the vast amount of clinical and research literature appearing in these source materials could be summarized, organized, and critically evaluated. Review journals in other disciplines have traditionally served the purpose of providing major analyses of important areas of ongoing research, thereby providing the bases for productive future investigation. Such journals have also provided critical literature reviews for students and professionals who cannot keep up with all of the source material. We hope our new journal will serve these purposes for the field of neuropsychology, and we welcome your support-as authors, readers, referees, and subscribers-to help us achieve that goal. To ensure that there is no significant overlap with other manuscripts in progress and to determine appropriateness for the journal, it is recommended that prospective authors contact the Editor-in-Chief before preparing their contributions in frill. Please send manuscript proposals and outlines, all manuscript submissions, editorial inquiries, and comments to the Editor-inChief: Dr. Gerald Goldstein, Veterans Administration Medical Center, High-

DOI: 10.1007/BF01108855

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