Introductory Lectures on Fluctuations of Lévy Processes with Applications

  title={Introductory Lectures on Fluctuations of L{\'e}vy Processes with Applications},
  author={Andreas E. Kyprianou},
Levy processes are the natural continuous-time analogue of random walks and form a rich class of stochastic processes around which a robust mathematical theory exists. Their mathematical significance is justified by their application in many areas of classical and modern stochastic models. This textbook forms the basis of a graduate course on the theory and applications of Levy processes, from the perspective of their path fluctuations. Central to the presentation are decompositions of the… 
Lévy processes and filtering theory
Stochastic filtering theory is the estimation of a continuous random system given a sequence of partial noisy observations, and is of use in many different financial and scientific areas. The main
Fluctuation theory and stochastic games for spectrally negative Lévy processes
Levy processes have stationary, independent increments. This seemingly unassuming (defining) property leads to a surprisingly rich class of processes which appear in a large number of applications
Randomisation and recursion methods for mixed-exponential Lévy models, with financial applications
A new Monte Carlo variance reduction method to estimate the expectation of two commonly encountered path-dependent functionals: first-passage times and occupation times of sets, which is significantly more efficient than standard Monte Carlo methods.
Wiener-Hopf Factorization for a Family of Lévy Processes Related to Theta Functions
In this paper we study the Wiener-Hopf factorization for a class of Lévy processes with double-sided jumps, characterized by the fact that the density of the Lévy measure is given by an infinite
On Exponential Functionals of Lévy Processes
Exponential functionals of Lévy processes appear as stationary distributions of generalized Ornstein–Uhlenbeck (GOU) processes. In this paper we obtain the infinitesimal generator of the GOU process
The Wiener–Hopf Factorisation
For a general Levy process, it is possible to decompose its path into “excursions from the running maximum”. Conceptually, this decomposition is a priori somewhat tricky as, in principle, a general
Fluctuations of Stable Processes and Exponential Functionals of Hypergeometric Lévy Processes
We study the distribution and various properties of exponential functionals of hypergeometric Lévy processes. We derive an explicit formula for the Mellin transform of the exponential functional and
Fluctuation theory for Lévy processes with completely monotone jumps
We study the Wiener-Hopf factorization for L\'evy processes $X_t$ with completely monotone jumps. Extending previous results of L.C.G. Rogers, we prove that the space-time Wiener-Hopf factors are


Conditional limit theorems for spectrally positive Lévy processes
We consider spectrally positive Lévy processes with regularly varying Lévy measure and study conditional limit theorems that describe the way that various rare events occur. Specifically, we are
Lévy Processes and Stochastic Calculus
Levy processes form a wide and rich class of random process, and have many applications ranging from physics to finance. Stochastic calculus is the mathematics of systems interacting with random
We show that the positive Wiener-Hopf factor of a Levy process with positive jumps having a rational Fourier transform is a rational function itself, expressed in terms of the parameters of the jump
On some First Passage Time Problems Motivated by Financial Applications
From both theoretical and applied perspectives, first passage time problems for random processes are challenging and of great interest. In this thesis, our contribution consists on providing explicit
Perpetual American Options Under L[e-acute]vy Processes
This work uses Dynkin's formula and the Wiener--Hopf factorization to find the explicit formula for the price of the option for any candidate for the exercise boundary, and by using this explicit representation, selects the optimal solution.
Principles Of Random Walk
This book is devoted exclusively to a very special class of random processes, namely to random walk on the lattice points of ordinary Euclidean space. The author considered this high degree of
On Lévy processes conditioned to stay positive.
We construct the law of Levy processes conditioned to stay positive under general hypotheses. We obtain a Williams type path decomposition at the minimum of these processes. This result is then
Regularity of the half-line for Lévy processes
Consider a real-valued Levy process X started at 0. One says that 0 is regular for (0, ∞) if X enters (0, ∞) immediately. ROGOZIN proved that 0 is regular for (0, ∞) if X has unbounded variation, and