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Introduction to toric varieties

  title={Introduction to toric varieties},
  author={Jean-Paul Brasselet},
The course given during the School and Workshop “The Geometry and Topology of Singularities”, 8-26 January 2007, Cuernavaca, Mexico is based on a previous course given during the 23o Coloquio Brasileiro de Matematica (Rio de Janeiro, July 2001). It is an elementary introduction to the theory of toric varieties. This introduction does not pretend to originality but to provide examples and motivation for the study of toric varieties. The theory of toric varieties plays a prominent role in various… 
My research is chiefly concerned with classifying toric Fano varieties with certain classes of singularities. For the purposes of this brief talk we shall restrict our attention to smooth varieties.
Toric Hyperkähler Varieties Tamás Hausel
Extending work of Bielawski-Dancer [3] and Konno [12], we develop a theory of toric hyperkähler varieties, which involves toric geometry, matroid theory and convex polyhedra. The framework is a
Quiver representations in toric geometry
This article is based on my lecture notes from summer schools at the Universities of Utah (June 2007) and Warwick (September 2007). We provide an introduction to explicit methods in the study of
Resolutions and Moduli for Equivariant Sheaves over Toric Varieties
In this thesis the combinatorial framework of toric geometry is extended to equivariant sheaves over toric varieties. The central questions are how to extract combinatorial information from the so
Toric Topology
Toric topology emerged in the end of the 1990s on the borders of equivariant topology, algebraic and symplectic geometry, combinatorics and commutative algebra. It has quickly grown up into a very
Toric Hyperkahler Varieties
Extending work of Bielawski-Dancer and Konno, we develop a theory of toric hyperkahler varieties, which involves toric geometry, matroid theory and convex polyhedra. The framework is a detailed study
Arithmetic geometry of toric varieties. metrics, measures and heights
We show that the height of a toric variety with respect to a toric metrized line bundle can be expressed as the integral over a polytope of a certain adelic family of concave functions. To state and
Toric quotients and flips
As my contribution to these proceedings, I will discuss the geometric invariant theory quotients of toric varieties. Specifically, I will show that quotients of the same problem with respect to
These lecture notes have been prepared for the Summer school on ”Moduli spaces and arcs in algebraic geometry”, Cologne, August 2007. The goal is to explain the relevance of spaces of arcs to
Ju n 19 95 Residues in Toric Varieties June 22 , 1995
Introduction Toric residues provide a tool for the study of certain homogeneous ideals of the homogeneous coordinate ring of a toric variety—such as those appearing in the description of the Hodge


Introduction to Toric Varieties.
Toric varieties are algebraic varieties arising from elementary geometric and combinatorial objects such as convex polytopes in Euclidean space with vertices on lattice points. Since many algebraic
Topological methods in algebraic geometry
Introduction Chapter 1: Preparatory material 1. Multiplicative sequences 2. Sheaves 3. Fibre bundles 4. Characteristic classes Chapter 2: The cobordism ring 5. Pontrjagin numbers 6. The ring
ContentsIntroductionChapter I. Affine toric varieties § 1. Cones, lattices, and semigroups § 2. The definition of an affine toric variety § 3. Properties of toric varieties § 4. Differential forms on
Picard Groups of compact toric Varieties and combinatorial Classes of Fans
We consider the question what can be said about the rank of the Picard group Pic Xσ of a compact toric variety Xσ if we know only the combinatorial type of the associated fan σ. We establish upper
The Topology of Torus Actions on Symplectic Manifolds
This is an extended second edition of "The Topology of Torus Actions on Symplectic Manifolds" published in this series in 1991. The material and references have been updated. Symplectic manifolds and
On simple polytopes
SummaryLetP be a simpled-polytope ind-dimensional euclidean space $$\mathbb{E}^d $$ , and let Π(P) be the subalgebra of the polytope algebra Π generated by the classes of summands ofP. It is shown
The number of faces of a simplicial convex polytope
Let P be a simplicial convex d-polytope with fi = fi(P) faces of dimension i. The vector f(P) = (f. , fi ,..., fdel) is called the f-vector of P. In 1971 McMullen [6; 7, p. 1791 conjectured that a
Sufficiency of McMullen's conditions for $f$-vectors of simplicial polytopes
For convex d-polytope P let ft{P) equal the number of faces of P of dimension i, 0 < i < d 1. f(P) = (f0(P)9 . . . , fd^QP)) is called the f vector of P An important combinatorial problem is the
Using Algebraic Geometry
Introduction.- Solving Polynomial Equations.- Resultants.- Computation in Local Rings.- Modules.- Free Resolutions.- Polytopes, Resultants, and Equations.- Integer Programming, Combinatorics, and
Eventails et varietes toriques
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