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Introduction to the reading of Hegel

  title={Introduction to the reading of Hegel},
  author={Alexandre Koj{\`e}ve and Raymond Queneau and Allan David Bloom and James Hanstings Nichols},
A Phenomenology of Freedom: Finding Transcendence in Captivity
The liberation of desire and the end of history: a hermeneutic engagement with Georges Bataille's accursed share
This thesis represents a hermeneutic engagement with the three volumes of Georges Bataille's Accursed Share. It attempts to examine each volume of Bataille's trilogy philosophically, while also
Mirror for the Other: Problem of the Self in Continental Philosophy (from Hegel to Lacan)
  • D. Gasparyan
  • Philosophy
    Integrative psychological & behavioral science
  • 2014
The genesis of one of the key concepts in continental philosophy of personalism–the concept of the ‘Other’ is explored, using most influential philosophical and psychological contexts to demonstrate how the Self is linked to the Other logically, notionally and conceptually.
The Bonds of Love: Looking Backward
In giving this brief account of the development of and influences on the book I hope to make it possible to see its location in a particular moment of not only psychoanalytic history but also the
Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies
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Unhappiness: Dialectic Terminable and Interminable
journal of speculative philosophy, vol. 26, no. 3, 2012 Copyright © 2012 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA The purpose of the present work is to analyze Hegel’s Unhappy
In this article my aim is to deal with the Hegelian question: How does thought determine itself in its relation to the object? from an anthropo-genetic point of view that leads us to the problem of
The Role of Intimacy in the Evolution of Technology
In this article, Georges Bataille’s notion of intimacy will be re-interpreted to show that it has a role to play in the evolution of technology. The specifically human form of intimacy can be
Beyond doer and done to: an intersubjective view of thirdness.
Clinically, the concept of a co-created or shared intersubjective thirdness helps to elucidate the breakdown into the twoness of complementarity in impasses and enactments and suggests how recognition is restored through surrender.
Rise of the Machines: Justice Information Systems and the Question of Public Access to Court Records over the Internet
The practices of public surveillance, which include the monitoring of individuals in public through a variety of media (e.g., video, data, online), are among the least understood and controversial