Introduction to stem cell biology in vitro. Threshold to the future.

  title={Introduction to stem cell biology in vitro. Threshold to the future.},
  author={C J Eaves and Caroline H. Miller and Eibhlin Conneally and Julie Audet and R Oostendorp and Johanne Cashman and Peter W. Zandstra and Stefan Rose-John and J P Piret and A. H. C. Eaves},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Transplantable hematopoietic cells with multilineage reconstituting ability can be quantitated in suspensions of human or murine cells using similar assay procedures. The incorporation into these assays of stringently defined functional endpoints ensures a high degree of specificity for the cells detected. Application of these assays to stem cell-containing suspensions after they have been stimulated for several days with defined cytokines in vitro, or by a mixture of defined and/or undefined… CONTINUE READING

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