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Introduction to chemical physics

  title={Introduction to chemical physics},
  author={John Clarke . Slater},
Finite-strain Landau theory applied to the high-pressure phase transition of lead titanate
A. Tröster,1,* S. Ehsan,1 K. Belbase,1 P. Blaha,1 J. Kreisel,2,3 and W. Schranz4 1Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Material Chemistry, Getreidemarkt 9, A-1060 Wien, Austria 2Department
Classical Methods for Frequency-Based Equations of State
The scope of the review extends from equation-of-state stability constraints to a frequency-based, closed-form equation- of-state formulation incorporating the effects of non-nearest lattice neighbors.
Constraints on the Gruneisen Theory
A first-principle procedure is proposed to determine the Gruneisen parameter for a crystal by calculating the external pressure and the vibration spectrum as functions of the volume of a unit cell.
Shock Wave Compression f Iron-Silicate Garnet I
Shock wave Hugoniot data have been obtained for almandine-garnet of composition (Fe•.7•, Mgo.14, Ca•.•, Mno.•) Al,iaO• to pressures of >650 kb. The Hugoniot data indicate the onset of a high-pressure
A Concise Physical Interpretation of Several Analytical Grueneisen Formulations
Abstract : A novel method is presented for deriving the Grueneisen formulations of three classical Grueneisen models. Unlike past studies which have attempted to differentiate between these
Absolute thermal expansion of copper and aluminum between 5 K and 330 K
Theoretical and experimental results of experiments on thermal expansion of Al and Cu are presented. Experimental apparatus and procedures are described. Results are presented in graphs and plots and