Introduction to a General Theory of Elementary Propositions

  title={Introduction to a General Theory of Elementary Propositions},
  author={Emil L. Post},
  journal={American Journal of Mathematics},
  • Emil L. Post
  • Published 1 July 1921
  • Mathematics
  • American Journal of Mathematics
Development of Programmable Logic Array for Multiple-Valued Logic Functions
This article proposes to use the ferroelectrics for the implementation of MVL units using their ability to pin the polarization as a sequence of multistable states using generalized Reed-Muller expression for the representation of an MVL function. Expand
Four stage pipeline quaternary processor Procesador cuaternario pipeline cuatro etapas
The scale of integration of processors has increased in recent decades, new challenges have emerged and chip area has become an important issue. Designers have been motivated to seek new techniquesExpand
Truth in Frege
A general survey of Frege’s views on truth, the chapter explores the problems in response to which Frege’s distinctive view that sentences refer to truth-values develops. Particular attention is paidExpand
Interpolation Methods for Binary and Multivalued Logical Quantum Gate Synthesis.
A method for synthesizing quantum gates is presented based on interpolation methods applied to operators in Hilbert space. Starting from the diagonal forms of specific generating seed operators withExpand
The structure of the lattice of clones on a finite set has been proven to be very complex. To better understand the top of this lattice, it is important to provide a characterization of submaximalExpand
The Foundations of Computability Theory
  • B. Robic
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Springer Berlin Heidelberg
  • 2015
This chapter discusses Hilbert's attempt at recovery, the Turing Machine, and the Turing Hierarchy of Unsolvability, as well as Degrees and the Priority Method, the Arithmetical Hierarchy. Expand
Universal Set of CMOS Gates for the Synthesis of Multiple Valued Logic Digital Circuits
The design and implementation of a universal set of IC gates, CMOS 0.35 μm technology, that carry out extended AND operators: eAND1, eAND2, eND3, Successor, and Maximum operators to perform synthesis of any MVL digital circuits are designed and implemented. Expand
Generating, solving and the mathematics of Homo Sapiens. Emil Post's views on computation
In this paper I present some of the more philosophical viewpoints of Emil Leon Post, rooted in his research from the early 20s
On the Mathematical Foundations of Syntactic Structures
  • G. Pullum
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • J. Log. Lang. Inf.
  • 2011
SS contains no proof that English is beyond the power of finite state description, and Noam Chomsky's extensions to Post’s systems are not clearly defined, and the arguments for their necessity are weak. Expand
Deduction through the Ages: A History of Truth
While the subtitle “A History of Truth” is far too ambitious for this brief slice through the history of selected topics in deductive thought, this project does offer, in the words of the pioneers, aExpand