Introduction to White Paper Series—Guest Editorial

  title={Introduction to White Paper Series—Guest Editorial},
  author={D. Moss and T. J. LaVaque and D. Hammond},
  journal={Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback},
Biofeedback Systems for Stress Reduction - Towards a Bright Future for a Revitalized Field
A pragmatic solution for the pressing societal problem of illness due to chronic stress is provided in terms of closed loop biofeedback systems, with the identification of several development phases and ethical concerns. Expand
Transcend the DSM Using Phenotypes
io fed b ck ⎪ Fall 2006 95 Identifying subtypes of specific disorders is an attractive exercise, as it expands our understanding of the individual’s response to therapy, but it remains attached toExpand


Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM
This chapter discusses how to ask clinical questions you can answer and critically assess the evidence for evidence-based medicine, as well as 7 Rapid Reference Cards used in clinical practice. Expand
EEG Signature and Phenomenology of Alpha/theta Neurofeedback Training Versus Mock Feedback
The data demonstrate that irrespective of considerations of clinical relevance, accurate a/t neurofeedback effectively facilitates production of higher within-session t/a ratios than do noncontingent feedback relaxation. Expand
Task Force Report on Methodology and Empirically Supported Treatments: Introduction
A joint task force has developed standards for efficacy research methodology and template for rating the level of efficacy of each biofeedback and neurofeedback therapy. Expand
Template for Developing Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Clinical Efficacy of Psychophysiological Interventions
The process to be used in the assessment of treatment efficacy, specificity and clinical utility is presented in the form of a template that will serve as the foundation for a series of scientific reviews and practice guidlines to be published by both societies. Expand
Evidence-based clinical practice : concepts and approaches
Evidence-Based Medicine in Primary Care: An Overview Did We Learn Evidence-Based Medicine in Medical School? Some Common Medical Myths Dimensions of Evidence Strategies for Finding Evidence CriticalExpand