Introduction to Smooth Manifolds

  title={Introduction to Smooth Manifolds},
  author={John M. Lee},
Preface.- 1 Smooth Manifolds.- 2 Smooth Maps.- 3 Tangent Vectors.- 4 Submersions, Immersions, and Embeddings.- 5 Submanifolds.- 6 Sard's Theorem.- 7 Lie Groups.- 8 Vector Fields.- 9 Integral Curves and Flows.- 10 Vector Bundles.- 11 The Cotangent Bundle.- 12 Tensors.- 13 Riemannian Metrics.- 14 Differential Forms.- 15 Orientations.- 16 Integration on Manifolds.- 17 De Rham Cohomology.- 18 The de Rham Theorem.- 19 Distributions and Foliations.- 20 The Exponential Map.- 21 Quotient Manifolds.- 22… 

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