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Introduction to Robotics in CIM Systems

  title={Introduction to Robotics in CIM Systems},
  author={James A. Rehg},
  • J. Rehg
  • Published 1992
  • Business, Computer Science
From the Publisher: This book addresses the use of robots for flexible automation from a manufacturing systems viewpoint. It gives the reader an overview of what industrial robots were and how they were integrated into an automated manufacturing system. Each major part/subsystem of the robot then is explored (e.g. grippers, controllers, geometry) in full chapter detail. Emphasis in this edition, is placed on the hardware and software that support the implementation of automated work-cells and… 

Using Robots to Teach Manufacturing Automation

The Manufacturing Automation course is offered as part of the Electrical Engineering Technology curriculum. This course covers computer integrated manufacturing systems primarily from a hardware and

A Navigation System and Task Planning in a Mobile Robot for Inspection

The robot described in this project work, is a low-cost vehicle that is intended for research purposes, but with a few changes in some of its components it can be used for real-life tasks.


A research and case study on industrial robot and its specification were carried out, a proposed framework for determining workspace and safe working area of industrial robot is presented and a study on a computer program and CAD software has been conducted.


The framework and the functionality of IIMRS are developed based on intelligent control, robotics, shop floor integration, and factory automation and consists of autonomous robot, embedded system, PC-based control, image processing, and functionalities commonly used for robotic control and system automation.

On Sensor-Controlled Robotized One-off Manufacturing

A semi-automatic task oriented system structure has been developed and tested on an arc welding application and allows a mix of real- and simulated components during simulation and run-time.

A generic tele-robotic task level interface to an ADepartmentrobot arm utilising the World Wide Web

The project has shown that generic task level control of a robotic device from a remote client is possible, however, the degree of abstraction available between the physical device being controlled and the task resolution software is still fairly tight.

Technological Development and Implementation of a Robotic Arm Motioned by Programmable Logic Controller

The prototype of a robotic manipulator driven by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), having two degrees of freedom, which allows the movement and displacement of mechanical parts, tools, and objects in general of small size, through an electronic system is shown.

Efficient tele-operation of a robot manipulator by means of a motion capture interface

One of the core challenges of developing an autonomous robotic system is that of establishing appropriate channels for imparting commands to the robotic system. A successful communication

Advanced Techniques of Industrial Robot Programming

The of is to encourage and inspire the continual invention of robot manipulators for science and the good of humanity. The concepts of artificial intelligence combined with the engineering and

Design and Control of a Robotic Cable-Suspended Camera System for Operation in 3-D Industrial Environment

Cable-suspended robots offer many advantages over conventional serial manipulators. The main benefit of cable robots is their large workspace size, which makes them well suited for broadcasting,