Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (3rded.)

  title={Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (3rded.)},
  author={Nathan L. Harshman},
  journal={American Journal of Physics},
  • N. Harshman
  • Published 19 February 2019
  • Physics
  • American Journal of Physics
Quantum dynamics simulations with GPU support
This thesis studies the application of the transversefield Ising model on a one-dimensional lattice of different sizes, which exhibits an accuracy comparable to the stochastic configuration method and the use of the GPU is employed in delivering results for larger lattice sizes.
Solid-state NMR spectroscopy applied to model membranes: effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids
Two software programs, collectively known as “EchoNMR tools”, that were developed to quickly process and analyze one-dimensional solid-state NMR data, will be described along with some theoretical background of the techniques used.
Quantum Mechanics without Schrödinger: Bohmian Mechanics of de Broglie Waves for a Particle in a Box
A formulation is proposed for the behavior of a particle in a box based on two assumptions: (1) particles have an associated phase which changes periodically with time as defined by de Broglie, and
Efficient Analysis of Wave Propagation in Metasurface Arrays Based on Eigenvalue Perturbation
We explore two types of eigenvalue perturbations to analyze the dispersion features of periodic arrays of metasurfaces (MSs) for arbitrary propagation angles. The perturbations describe the
On the Achievability of Blind Source Separation for High-Dimensional Nonlinear Source Mixtures
The proposed theorem theoretically guarantees that applying linear PCA to the inputs can reliably extract a subspace spanned by the linear projections from every hidden source as the major components—and thus projecting the inputs onto their major eigenspace can effectively recover a linear transformation of the hidden sources.
A Probabilistic Atomic Radius Definition: Application to Ground State Hydrogen-Like Atoms
Several atomic radius concepts were proposed to express size of atoms in chemistry and physics. This study briefly surveys widely used definitions of atomic radiuses and introduces a probabilistic
Natural Convection in Porous Media and the Collapse of the Wave Function
The problem of nonlinear natural convection in a fluid saturated porous layer heated from below is reviewed focusing on the specific result of a collapse of the wave function. When the conditions for