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Introduction to Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics: Approaching a Complex World

  title={Introduction to Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics: Approaching a Complex World},
  author={Constantino Tsallis},
Basics or How the Theory Works.- Historical Background and Physical Motivations.- Learning with Boltzmann-Gibbs Statistical Mechanics.- Generalizing What We Learnt: Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics.- Foundations or Why the Theory Works.- Stochastic Dynamical Foundations of~Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics.- Deterministic Dynamical Foundations of Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics.- Generalizing Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics.- Applications or What for the Theory Works.- Thermodynamical… 
Nonextensive statistical mechanics and high energy physics
The use of the celebrated Boltzmann-Gibbs entropy and statistical mechanics is justified for ergodic-like systems. In contrast, complex systems typically require more powerful theories. We will
Nonextensive statistical mechanics: Applications to high energy physics
Nonextensive statistical mechanics was proposed in 1988 on the basis of the nonadditive entropy S q = k (1− P i p q )/(q− 1) (q2 R ) which generalizes that of Boltzmann-Gibbs S BG = S 1 =−k P i pi ln
Fluctuation theorems in nonextensive statistics
Nonextensive statistics is a formalism of statistical mechanics that describes the ocurrence of power-law distributions in complex systems, particularly the so-called $q$ exponential family of
Canonical ensemble in non-extensive statistical mechanics
Nonadditive entropy and nonextensive statistical mechanics - An overview after 20 years
Statistical mechanics constitutes one of the pillars of contemporary physics. Recognized as such — together with mechanics (classical, quantum, relativistic), electromagnetism and thermodynamics —,
Nonadditive entropy and nonextensive statistical mechanics – Some central concepts and recent applications
We briefly review central concepts concerning nonextensive statistical mechanics, based on the nonadditive entropy . Among others, we focus on possible realizations of the q-generalized Central Limit
On the foundations of statistical mechanics
Abstract We briefly review the foundations and applications of statistical mechanics based on the nonadditive entropies Sq. Then we address four frequently focused points, namely (i) On the form of
Thermodynamics is more powerful than the role to it reserved by Boltzmann-Gibbs statistical mechanics
We briefly review the connection between statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. We show that, in order to satisfy thermo-dynamics and its Legendre transformation mathematical frame, the celebrated