Introduction to Logic, Second Edition

  title={Introduction to Logic, Second Edition},
  author={Michael R. Genesereth and Eric Jui-Yi Kao},
  booktitle={Introduction to Logic, Second Edition},
This book is a gentle but rigorous introduction to Formal Logic. It is intended primarily for use at the college level. However, it can also be used for advanced secondary school students, and it can be used at the start of graduate school for those who have not yet seen the material. The approach to teaching logic used here emerged from more than 20 years of teaching logic to students at Stanford University and from teaching logic to tens of thousands of others via online courses on the World… 
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The Herbrand Manifesto - Thinking Inside the Box
It is argued that there is value in using Herbrand semantics for relational logic in place of Tarskian semantics, which alleviates many of the current problems with relational logic and ultimately may foster a wider use of relational Logic in human reasoning and computer applications.
Forms of argument used by pre-school children
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Propositional Logic: Deduction and Algorithms
This introduction to classical logic emphasises computational aspects and issues of complexity and algorithmic analysis that have traditionally not been considered the realm of mathematical logic, but which are vital in areas such as automated reasoning, knowledge engineering, logic programming and AI.
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