Introduction to Fourier optics

  title={Introduction to Fourier optics},
  author={Joseph W. Goodman},
The second edition of this respected text considerably expands the original and reflects the tremendous advances made in the discipline since 1968. All material has been thoroughly updated and several new sections explore recent progress in important areas, such as wavelength modulation, analog information processing, and holography. Fourier analysis is a ubiquitous tool with applications in diverse areas of physics and engineering. This book explores these applications in the field of optics… Expand
Considering the effect of diffraction on the scaled optical Fourier transform
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New approach to the analysis of ultrashort pulse diffraction (Invited Paper)
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Light and Optical Imaging Systems
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Teaching Fourier optics through ray matrices
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The Fourier Transform in Optics: Analogous Experiment and Digital Calculus
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Optical Perspective of the Fourier
The MATLAB software concerning the Fourier optics is used as the basic numerical tool for these work and the experimental results agree with the theoretical calculations. Expand
New look at volume holography
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Metasurface Enabled Wide-Angle Fourier Lens.
A dielectric metasurface consisting of high-aspect-ratio silicon waveguide array is demonstrated experimentally, capable of performing 1D Fourier transform for a large incident angle range and a broad operating bandwidth, which significantly expands the operational Fourier space. Expand
A review of mathematical operations by optical data processing
It has been shown that it is possible to add, subtract, differentiate, integrate, multiply, divide, convolute and cross-correlate the functions by means of spatial filtering. Expand