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Introduction to Ergodic theory

  title={Introduction to Ergodic theory},
  author={M. Mirzakhani},
Hyperbolic dynamics studies the iteration of maps on sets with some type of Lipschitz structure used to measure distance. In a hyperbolic system, some directions are uniformly contracted and others are uniformly expanded. Examples include expanding maps on manifolds, Anosov diffeomorphisms, and the shift map discussed in previous lectures. Hyperbolic dynamical behavior often gives rise to iterated function systems of contracting maps which create complicated fractal limit sets for orbits. An… 
Dynamics and entropies of Hilbert metrics
We study the geodesic flow of a Hilbert geometry defined by a strictly convex open set with $C^1$ boundary. We get interested in its local behaviour around one specific orbit as well as its global
On the continuity of topological entropy of certain partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms
In this paper, we consider certain partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms (PHDs) with centre of arbitrary dimension and obtain continuity properties of the topological entropy under C 1 perturbations.
On Weakly Hyperbolic Iterated Function Systems
We study weakly hyperbolic iterated function systems on compact metric spaces, as defined by Edalat (Inform Comput 124(2):182–197, 1996), but in the more general setting of compact parameter space.
Equilibrium States in Negative Curvature
With their origin in thermodynamics and symbolic dynamics, Gibbs measures are crucial tools to study the ergodic theory of the geodesic flow on negatively curved manifolds. We develop a framework
Dimensions of $ C^1- $average conformal hyperbolic sets
This paper introduces the concept of average conformal hyperbolic sets, which admit only one positive and one negative Lyapunov exponents for any ergodic measure. For an average conformal hyperbolic
Periodic measures and partially hyperbolic homoclinic classes
In this paper, we give a precise meaning to the following fact, and we prove it: $C^1$-open and densely, all the non-hyperbolic ergodic measures generated by a robust cycle are approximated by
Approximation of entropy on hyperbolic sets for one-dimensional maps and their multidimensional perturbations
We consider piecewise monotone (not necessarily, strictly) piecewise C2 maps on the interval with positive topological entropy. For such a map f we prove that its topological entropy htop(f) can be
Equilibrium measures for some partially hyperbolic systems
We study thermodynamic formalism for topologically transitive partially hyperbolic systems in which the center-stable bundle satisfies a bounded expansion property, and show that every potential
Dynamics of geodesic flows on hyperbolic compact surfaces with some elliptic points
We extend the results in [R. Adler, L. Flatto, Geodesic flows, interval maps and symbolic dynamics, Bull Am Math Soc. 1975;25(42): 229–334.] to compact surfaces of genus greater than one and with


On the ergodic properties of the specrum of general random operators.
In this paper we investigate some general ergodic properties of the spectrum of random selfadjoint operators Ηω on a separable Hubert space, where ω is a point of a probability space (Ω, ̂ , P).
Sur le spectre des opérateurs aux différences finies aléatoires
We study a class of random finite difference operators, a typical example of which is the finite difference Schrödinger operator with a random potential which arises in solid state physics in the
Random Schrödinger operators a course