Introduction to Black Studies

  title={Introduction to Black Studies},
  author={Maulana Karenga},

Using African Cultural and Liberating Concepts

The purpose of this autoethnography is to explore the impact on learning for a delineated cultural and ethnographic student population when the instructional process is interwoven with a plethora of

Utilising Indigenous Knowledge or Crime against Humanity?: A Critical Engagement with the Debate Generated by Alick Macheso’s Use of Manhood to Treat Nhova (Sunken Fontanelle)

 This article presents various points of view regarding the treatment of sunken fontanelle by various communities as ignited by the controversial practice of kutara(a practice that involves the

African-Centered Pedagogy: Exploring Black Male Identity and Achievement through an African-Centered Lens

This mixed method study researched African-centered pedagogy and examined if it made a difference for Black males in middle school. The study examined what it meant to be Black for the participants

Afrocentricity and social work education

ABSTRACT Twenty-two African American, biracial, Caucasian, and Latino students enrolled in an advanced graduate social work course aimed at approaching interpersonal practice from an Afrocentric

Francis Cress Welsing’s Contributions to Africana Studies Epistemology

Francis Cress Welsing, a Black psychiatrist and medical school professor, advanced one of the most notable and controversial theories about the perpetuation of global White supremacy. The cress

Frances Cress Welsing: Decoding and Deconstructing the Cultural Logic of White Supremacy

Her life’s work, dedicated to the systematic study of white supremacy and its impact on the thinking and behaviors of both white and black people, is a contribution that leaves an intellectual legacy that cannot be ignored.


In the 21st century, there still exists a wide degree of misunderstanding concerning the discipline of Africana Studies. The continued lack of information regarding the different schools of thought

Beyond Intellectual Construct to Policy Ideas: The Case of the Afrocentric Paradigm

IntroductionThe struggles for self-determination in many aspects of life have for centuries occupied the central place within the global African communities. From the struggles against the slave