Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos

  title={Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos},
  author={Stephen Wiggins},
Equilibrium Solutions, Stability, and Linearized Stability * Liapunov Functions * Invariant Manifolds: Linear and Nonlinear Systems * Periodic Orbits * Vector Fields Possessing an Integral * Index Theory * Some General Properties of Vector Fields: Existence, Uniqueness, Differentiability, and Flows * Asymptotic Behavior * The Poincare-Bendixson Theorem * Poincare Maps * Conjugacies of Maps, and Varying the Cross-Section * Structural Stability, Genericity, and Transversality * Lagrange's… 
Persistence of periodic and homoclinic orbits, first integrals and commutative vector fields in dynamical systems
We study persistence of periodic and homoclinic orbits, first integrals and commutative vector fields in dynamical systems depending on a small parameter ɛ > 0 and give several necessary conditions
On the control of nonlinear dynamical systems
Nonlinear dynamical systems undergo complex or even chaotic behavior which is often not desired in applications. Therefore, one tries to control the system performance by using small feedback
Heteroclinic Transition Motions in Periodic Perturbations of Conservative Systems with an Application to Forced Rigid Body Dynamics
  • K. Yagasaki
  • Mathematics
    Regular and Chaotic Dynamics
  • 2018
We consider periodic perturbations of conservative systems. The unperturbed systems are assumed to have two nonhyperbolic equilibria connected by a heteroclinic orbit on each level set of
Transformations of nonlinear dynamical systems to jerky motion and its application to minimal chaotic flows
Third-order explicit autonomous differential equations in one scalar variable or, mechanically interpreted, jerky dynamics constitute an interesting subclass of dynamical systems that can exhibit
On the Asymptotic Determination of Invariant Manifolds for Autonomous Ordinary Differential Equations
A methodology to calculate the approximate invariant manifolds of dynamical systems defined through an m-dimensional autonomous vector field is presented. The technique is based on the calculation of
Integrability and Dynamics of Quadratic Three-Dimensional Differential Systems Having an Invariant Paraboloid
This paper studies the integrability and dynamics of quadratic polynomial differential systems defined in ℝ3 having an elliptic paraboloid as an invariant algebraic surface and proves the existence of first integrals, exponential factors, Darboux invariants and inverse Jacobi multipliers.
Homoclinic orbits and chaos in three– and four–dimensional flows
We review recent work in which perturbative, geometric and topological arguments are used to prove the existence of countable sets of orbits connecting equilibria in ordinary differential equations.