Introduction to Acoustics

  title={Introduction to Acoustics},
  author={T. D. Rossing},
This brief introduction may help to persuade the reader that acoustics covers a wide range of interesting topics. It is impossible to cover all these topics in a single handbook, but we have attempted to include a sampling of hot topics that represent current acoustical research, both fundamental and applied. 
The Psychoacoustic Properties Of Sound: An Introduction
  • G. Devkota
  • Physics
    Indian Journal of Scientific Research
  • 2019
A perspective to the beginner on how sounds and/or music can be influenced by these properties of sound is presented, to provide a preliminary understanding of the domain by highlighting concepts associated closely with cognition of music.
Speaker Idiosyncratic Intensity Variability in the Speech Signal
presented at Phonetik & Phonologie 10, Konstanz, Germany. Klatt, D. H. (1980). Software for a cascade/parallel formant
Acoustic source localization at low frequencies using microphone arrays
For taking actions to reduce noise, knowledge of the distribution, position and strength of the sound sources is necessary. Thereby, various sound localization methods can be used for this task. The
Mitigate the reverberation effect on the speaker verification performance using different methods
The first method is using gammatone frequency cepstral coefficients features as a robust feature to alleviate the effect of reverberation on system performance, and the second is using multi training to combat the reverberation effect.
Pinpoint Active Noise Control Using Audio Spot Generated with Multiple Parametric Speakers
This work proposed a novel ANC structure which uses Audio spotlights with subdivided AM sideband as the secondary source, and found that the proposed ANC can cancel noise only in a limited area, while additional noise is not introduced in the surrounding area.
On frequency tracking in harmonic acoustic signals
The Rao-Blackwellized point mass filter (RBPMF), previously proposed by the authors for mechanical vibration tracking, is applied and results show that the RBPMF can have significantly less estimation error than the competing methods.
Modelling Of Sound Attenuation By Periodic, Rectangular Structures
Modelling of periodic structures embedded into the ground may be tuned to significantly reduce transported noise at nuisance frequencies, possessing rectangular section are of particular interest due to the relative ease with which they can be implemented.
RNN-Based Room Scale Hand Motion Tracking
A novel recurrent neural network (RNN) based system that uses speakers and microphones to realize accurate room- scale tracking and is the first acoustic device-free room-scale tracking system to be developed.
Investigation of a Sweep Technique for Microphone Placement
This thesis investigated a microphone sweep technique and remote microphone positioning as methods for identifying and evaluating microphone placements.
Acoustic voxels
A computational approach that automates the design of acoustic filters with complex geometries by constructing an acoustic filter comprised of a set of parameterized shape primitives, whose transmission matrices can be precomputed.


Low-temperature acoustics
The application of acoustics to research on the properties of condensed matter at low temperatures. …