Introduction to 'Innovative Auction Markets' Special Issue

  title={Introduction to 'Innovative Auction Markets' Special Issue},
  author={Ajit Kambil and Eric van Heck},
  journal={Electron. Mark.},
This special issue of EM — Electronic Markets on ‘Innovative Auction Markets’ illustrates the increasingly pervasive and diverse applications of online auctions. From auctions for keywords tied to search engines, to B2B and financial auctions, or the use of auctions to generate predictive information for decision making — online auctions are becoming more widely applied in practice. Since the last special issue on auctions was guest edited in this journal by Stefan Klein in 1997, research on… 

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Optimal Design of Crowdsourcing Contests

This paper represents the first general analysis of the economics of crowdsourcing contests, provides a simple rule of thumb for determining the optimal prize structure for practitioners who are considering designing such contests, and also discusses the welfare implications of organizing production or R&D as a Web-based contest of this kind.

Think, feel, bid: the impact of environmental conditions on the role of bidders’ cognitive and affective processes in auction bidding

It is found that higher auction dynamics increase the impact of emotional arousal on bid deviations, but not that of cognitive workload, which is a critical factor in understanding the nature of the underlying decision process and its impact on bids.



Introduction to Electronic Auctions

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Leading with the Invisible Hand, Accenture Outlook July, online at: http:// know_markets.pdf

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