Introduction of the Global Geodetic Observing System

  title={Introduction of the Global Geodetic Observing System},
  author={Young Hong Shin and Jong-Uk Park and Ki‐Weon Seo},
  journal={Journal of The Korean Earth Science Society},
The Modem Geodesy monitors physical and geometrical shape and motion of the Earth and, more importantly, its temporal variations with unprecedented precision. It provides accurate and stable reference frames for Earth observations in the Space era. Furthermore, with an aid of interdisciplinary approaches, it also traces the causes of the variations in shape and motion of the Earth and eventually contributes to a better understanding of the Earth system. The International Association of Geodesy… 
Analysis of Dynamic Effects on the Brazilian Vertical Datum
This chapter presents a methodology of analyzing the dynamic effect from mean sea level variations, based on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data, velocity models, tide gauge observations,


GRACE Measurements of Mass Variability in the Earth System
Geoid variations observed over South America that can be largely attributed to surface water and groundwater changes show a clear separation between the large Amazon watershed and the smaller watersheds to the north.
A New Global Mode of Earth Deformation: Seasonal Cycle Detected
This work has detected a global mode of Earth deformation that is predicted by theory, and identifies this pattern as the degree-one spherical harmonic response of an elastic Earth to increased winter loading of soil moisture, snow cover, and atmosphere.
Detection of a Large-Scale Mass Redistribution in the Terrestrial System Since 1998
The present increase in J 2 signifies a large change in global mass distribution with a J 2 effect that considerably overshadows that of mantle rebound.