Introduction of an e-portfolio in clinical dentistry: staff and student views.


INTRODUCTION An electronic portfolio was introduced for undergraduate students in the School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University. Its introduction was evaluated in terms of both staff and student response. METHODS A quantitative-qualitative methodology was adopted. Student views were examined quantitatively using a Likert scale based questionnaire both pre- and post-introduction of the eportfolio. Staff views were examined qualitatively by the use of focus groups. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Findings included that the system was easy to use and it provided a large quantity of high quality data. The aim of the system to improve reflection and feedback was not perceived as a benefit by staff or students. The need for training was highlighted and a major disadvantage of the system was its time consuming nature. The evaluation has lead to further development of the system and continued evaluation will be important.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0579.2010.00631.x

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