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Introduction of Data Mining and Data Warehousing

  title={Introduction of Data Mining and Data Warehousing},
  author={Rasika R. Wadegoankar and Reena Thakur},
Over the past two decades there has been a huge increase in the amount of data being stored in databases as well as the number of database applications in business and the scientific domain. This explosion in the amount of electronically stored data was accelerated by the success of the relational model for storing data and the development and maturing of data retrieval and manipulation technologies. While technology for storing the data developed fast to keep up with the demand, little stress… 



Wavelet vs. Fourier based UWB Systems

  • R. DilmaghaniM. Ghavami
  • Business
    2007 IEEE 18th International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
  • 2007
A framework for wavelet based multicarrier UWB systems is presented and it is shown that they do not require the cyclic prefix for transmission and, hence throughput increases and a closed form formula is derived to represent convolution's counterpart in the wavelet domain.

Spreading Code Design of Adaptive Non-Contiguous SOFDM for Dynamic Spectrum Access

Two novel spread coding schemes for NC-SOFDM for cognitive radio in a DSA network are proposed and improve the performance by exploiting the diversity gain and eliminating the orthogonality loss.

Quantitative Comparison of Agile Modulation Techniques for Cognitive Radio Transceivers

A quantitative comparison of two agile modulation techniques employed by cognitive radio transceivers operating in a dynamic spectrum access (DSA) network shows that the error robustness of NC-OFDM is relatively constant regardless of the number of deactivated subcarriers, unlike MC-CDMA transmissions, whose error performance degrades with an increase in deactivatedSubcarriers.

Comparison between wavelet-based and Fourier-based multicarrier UWB systems

The use of wavelet transform in multicarrier ultra wideband (UWB) systems is analysed and the results are compared with Fourier-based multicarriers UWB systems and a performance comparison of both techniques for IEEE 802.15.3a channel models is provided.

A general overlay/underlay analytic expression representing cognitive radio waveform

Several studies have revealed that spectrum congestion is primarily due to the inefficient use of spectrum versus unavailability. Cognitive radio (CR) and ultra wide band (UWB) technologies have been

Joint Detection Strategies for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

This work proposes an optimal detector, which maximizes the probability of making correct decisions, and a suboptimal method which decorrelates carriers based on knowledge of the channel, which provide performance gains in OFDM systems over conventional matched ltering.


An extended overview on the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDM) technique and its applications in the 4Ih generation cellular mobile networks is presented and a comparison between the performance of OFDM and other multiple access systems is carried out.

Cognitive Radio Centric Overlay/Underlay Waveform

Recent studies suggest that spectrum congestion is mainly due to the inefficient use of spectrum rather than its unavailability. Dynamic spectrum access (DSA) and cognitive radio (CR) are two

Novel overlay/underlay cognitive radio waveforms using SD-SMSE framework to enhance spectrum efficiency-part II: analysis in fading channels

A novel hybrid overlay/underlay waveform that realizes benefits of both waveforms is proposed and demonstrated its performance in an AWGN channel and a simulated performance analysis of overlay, underlay and hybrid overlays in frequency selective fading channels is presented and benefits discussed.

Intercarrier Interference Immune Single Carrier OFDM via Magnitude Shift Keying Modulation

The proposed MSK modulation provides SC-OFDM system immunity to ICI and significantly outperforms SC-TODM system and OFDM system with Phase Shift Keying (PSK) modulations in severe ICI environment.