Introduction: for a comparative history of the birth of "scientific" psychology.

  • Guido Cimino
  • Published 2006 in
    Physis; rivista internazionale di storia della…


This introduction to the Proceedings of the Beijing Symposium poses the problem of the birth of a "new psychology" that endeavors to become a science, considered within the cultural, scientific, social, and institutional context of each country. This problem can be subdivided into a series of other more specific questions, dealt with in part by the volume's… (More)

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@article{Cimino2006IntroductionFA, title={Introduction: for a comparative history of the birth of "scientific" psychology.}, author={Guido Cimino}, journal={Physis; rivista internazionale di storia della scienza}, year={2006}, volume={43 1-2}, pages={1-30} }