Introduction – Beyond de Gaulle and beyond London: the French external resistance and its international networks

  title={Introduction – Beyond de Gaulle and beyond London: the French external resistance and its international networks},
  author={Charlotte Faucher and Laure Humbert},
  journal={European Review of History: Revue europ{\'e}enne d'histoire},
  pages={195 - 221}
Abstract The aim of this special issue is to explore the history of the French external Resistance through its international networks. This introduction argues that we should think about the ‘Resistance’ as an international phenomenon, played out in a number of sites across the world, both within and beyond the Free French capital cities of London, Brazzaville – which declared its adhesion to Free France on 28 August 1940 – and (later) Algiers. Our study takes into account official members of… 
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  • L. Humbert
  • History, Sociology
    The Historical Journal
  • 2017
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