Introduction: What is Libertarianism?

  title={Introduction: What is Libertarianism?},
  author={Daniel D. Moseley},
  journal={Basic Income Studies},
To the surprise of many, a significant number of influential libertarians have endorsed basic income. The Nobel Prize winning economists Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman defended versions of basic income, as have Philippe Van Parijs, Hillel Steiner and Charles Murray. The contributors to this Basic Income Studies debate issue are an interdisciplinary group of political philosophers, political scientists, economists and even a Libertarian political candidate that are interested in… 
A Lockean Argument for Basic Income
Libertarians should not reject the goal of establishing a global basic income program. There are strong Lockean considerations that favor such a program. This article explains a conception of equal


Classical Liberalism and the Basic Income
This article provides a brief overview of the relationship between libertarian political theory and the Basic Income (BI). It distinguishes between different forms of libertarianism and argues that
The myth of liberal individualism
Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Individualism as a political ideal 2. Individualism as a theory 3. Public agency and conceptions of collectivity 4. Individualist distributions of liberty 5.
Libertarianism and the Justice of a Basic Income
Whether justice requires, or even permits, a basic income depends on two issues: 1. Does justice permit taxation to generate revenues for distribution to others? 2. If so, does justice require, or
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