Introduction: The complex tapestry of everyday life

  title={Introduction: The complex tapestry of everyday life},
  author={Kajsa Elleg{\aa}rd and Ben C. De Pater},
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Everyday Social Infrastructures and Tapestries of Care in Times of Austerity

  • S. Hall
  • Sociology
    Everyday Life in Austerity
  • 2019
Getting by in times of austerity often requires intricate tapestries of care, carefully woven fabrics of familial and extra-familial relationships, or what I describe as ‘everyday social

Mosaic and tapestry: Metaphors as geographical concept generators

This paper examines the use of the metaphorical terms ‘mosaic’ and ‘tapestry’ in conceptualizing the structure of spatial organization over more than a century of geographic thought. The duality

In the footsteps of Anne Frank, The Beatles and Vincent Van Gogh: a review and discussion of personal legacy trails

ABSTRACT This article focuses on a review and discussion of personal legacy trails. A detailed analysis and reconstruction of tourism in the footsteps of Anne Frank and the management of the involved

The Process of Change in Patterns of Daily Occupations among Parents of Children with Obesity - Time use, family characteristics and factors related to change

Whether it was possible for parents to change the amount of time they spent with their children and the parents’ occupational value over the course of a one-year intervention was investigated and the usefulness of the time-geographical diary method in facilitating reflections on how patterns of daily occupations occur and change over time was investigated.

Models in spatial analysis

This book discusses the process of spatial diffusion and modeling change, as well as mathematical formalization for spatial interactions, in the context of public services and time-geography.



Activity Organization and the Generation of Daily Travel: Two Future Alternatives

Future Swedish travel requirements are treated from a time-geographic perspective. A model is presented in which activities and their time requirements can be allocated to a population and its time...

Reflections on “what about people in regional science?”

The paper is the text of a speech delivered to the opening session of the Twenty-Eighth European Congress of the Regional Science Association in Stockholm in August 1988. It reflects on an earlier