Introduction: The Varieties of Enactivism

  title={Introduction: The Varieties of Enactivism},
  author={Dave Ward and David Silverman and Mario Villalobos},
Enacting Reflection: A New Approach to Workplace Complexities
The Problem Change has changed, and workplaces are grappling with new complexities and ambiguities. Human resource development (HRD) scholar-practitioners are called upon to help workplaces learn to
Risk and Reflection in the Academic Workplace
The Problem Universities are workplaces designed for learning, research, and reflection. In recent years, an amalgam of issues, both internal and external, have emerged, making critical reflection
Is it possible not to cheat on the Turing Test: Exploring the potential and challenges for true natural language 'understanding' by computers
The increasing sophistication of NLP models has renewed optimism regarding machines achieving a full human-like command of natural language. Whilst work in NLP/NLU may have made great strides in that
Extended Cognition and Constructive Empiricism
According to constructive empiricists, accepting a scientific theory involves belief only that it is true of the observable world, where observability is defined in terms of what is detectable by the
The biopsychosocial model is lost in translation: from misrepresentation to an enactive modernization.
INTRODUCTION There are increasing recommendations to use the biopsychosocial model (BPSM) as a guide for musculoskeletal research and practice. However, there is a wide range of interpretations and
Situated Neural Representations: Solving the Problems of Content
Situated approaches to cognition maintain that cognition is embodied, embedded, enactive, and affective (and extended, but that is not relevant here). Situated approaches are often pitched as
Towards a view from within: The contribution of Francisco Varela to the study of consciousness
The contents of consciousness are complex and dynamic and are embedded in perception and cognition. The study of consciousness and subjective experience has been central to philosophy for centuries.
More than a feeling: Constructing emotion in theory and practice
Understanding Selfhood to Elucidate the Phenomenology of Mindfulness
The health benefits of practising mindfulness are well documented, yet the phenomenological mechanisms of such practice remain under-theorised from both ontogenetic and social perspectives. By


Philosophy of mind’s new lease on life : autopoietic enactivism meets teleosemiotics
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Phenomenology of Perception
Trisaminosulfonium salts of the formula (R1R2N)(R3R4N)(R5R6N)S X wherein the R groups are alkyl of 1-20 carbons and each alkyl has at least 2 alpha hydrogens and X is selected from the group
The phenomenon of life: toward a philosophical biology
A classic of phenomenology and existentialism, "The Phenomenon of Life" sets forth a systematic and comprehensive philosophy--an existential interpretation of biological facts laid out in support of
Microcognition: Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Parallel Distributed Processing
The brain's-eye view: parallel distributed processing informational holism the multiplicity of mind - a limited defence of classical cognitivism structured through reassembling the jigsaw.
Consciousness in Action
Acknowledgments Introduction: The Reappearing Self PART 1: ACTION AND THE UNITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS 1. Three Mistakes about Consciousness 2. Self-Consciousness, Spontaneity, and the Myth of the Giving
Dasein Disclosed: John Haugeland's Heidegger
The author of discipline-defining studies of human cognition and artificial intelligence, John Haugeland was a charismatic, highly original voice in the contemporary forum of Anglo-American analytic
The Enactive Approach
A new operational definition of social interaction is proposed which not only emphasizes the cognitive agency of the individuals and the irreducibility of the interaction process itself, but also the need for jointly co-regulated action.