Introduction: The Resurgence of Marxism in American Sociology

  title={Introduction: The Resurgence of Marxism in American Sociology},
  author={Michael Burawoy},
  journal={American Journal of Sociology},
  pages={S1 - S30}
  • M. Burawoy
  • Published 1 January 1982
  • Political Science
  • American Journal of Sociology
The court has been sitting in judgement upon historical materialism for one hundred years, and it is continually being adjourned. The adjournment is in effect a tribute to the robustness of the tradition; in that long interval the cases against a hundred other interpretive systems have been upheld, and the culprits have disappeared "downstairs." That the court has not yet found decisively in favour of historical materialism is not only because of the ideological parti pris of certain judges… 

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In Reason and Revolution, and even better in his essay on “A Study of Authority” (originally written for the Institut für Sozialforschung's monumental work Ueber Authorität und Familie in the

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