Introduction: The Global South and/in the Global North: Interdisciplinary Investigations

  title={Introduction: The Global South and/in the Global North: Interdisciplinary Investigations},
  author={Annette Trefzer and Jeffrey T. Jackson and Kathryn McKee and Kirsten Dellinger},
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Sharing the Burden: Climate responsibility beyond the nation-state
Crafting an adequate and cohesive global response to climate change has presented a monumental challenge. Fairly distributing climate responsibility, the concept of common but differentiated
Digital informalisation: rental housing, platforms, and the management of risk
ABSTRACT The eruption of disruptive digital platforms is reshaping geographies of housing under the gaze of corporations and through the webs of algorithms. Engaging with interdisciplinary
Shame in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, and the Age of Digitalisation
This chapter provides insights into the state of the art in shame research in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, and digitalisation. It provides insights into the new and emerging fields
  • Last Moyo
  • The Decolonial Turn in Media Studies in Africa and the Global South
  • 2020
The Global South: Recalibrating Our Geo-Cultural and Epistemic Agency
  • Last Moyo
  • The Decolonial Turn in Media Studies in Africa and the Global South
  • 2020
Cannabis Regulation and Development: Fair(er) Trade Options for Emerging Legal Markets
Significant policy shifts have led to an unprecedented boom in medical cannabis markets, while a growing number of countries are moving towards the legal regulation of adult non-medical use. This
The Meaningful Participation of ‘Stakeholders’ in Global Drug Policy Debates—A Policy Comment
  • Ann Fordham
  • Political Science
    Revue internationale de politique de développement
  • 2020
This policy comment seeks to address three key questions relating to the participation of civil society in international drug policymaking. Firstly, who are the relevant ‘stakeholders’ and what
Knowledge in Higher Education – Combining Hand and Heart
This study aims to narrow this theoretical gap and to examine what students from a developing country learned about themselves following a three-week course stay in the rural education system of a


Oceans Connect: The Indian Ocean and African Identities
  • G. Desai
  • History
    PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
  • 2010
Readers of PMLA Recognize 26 Broadway, in New York City, as the Headquarters of the Mla, One of the Major Hubs of Intellectual work in literary and cultural studies in North America. But in the
Look away! : the U.S. South in New World studies
Look Away! considers the U.S. South in relation to Latin America and the Caribbean. Given that some of the major characteristics that mark the South as exceptional within the United States--including
Capital in the Twenty-First Century
It is difficult to think of a recent book by a social scientist, and impossible to think of one by an economist, that is of as much potential interest to historians as Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the
The American South in a Global World
Looking beyond broad theories of globalization, this volume examines the specific effects of globalizing forces on the southern United States. Eighteen essays approach globalization from a variety of
Seeking Spatial Justice
Over the past half century, struggles for justice have become ever more diverse in their focus, with emphases on social, environmental and racial justice efforts overlapping and reinforcing one
Hemispheric American Studies
This landmark collection brings together a range of exciting new comparative work in the burgeoning field of hemispheric studies. Scholars working in the fields of Latin American studies, Asian
The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization Vol II