Introduction: The European Union as a Diplomatic Actor

  title={Introduction: The European Union as a Diplomatic Actor},
  author={Joachim A. Koops and Gjovalin Macaj},
The European Union’s (EU’s) nature, policies and impact as an international actor have been the subject of analytical scrutiny and a wide range of conceptual and empirical case studies since the early 1970s (Allen and Smith, 1990, 1998; Bretherton and Vogler, 2006; Cosgrove and Twitchett 1970; Galtung, 1973; Jupille and Caporaso 1998; Ginsberg, 2001, 1999; Hill, 1993; Koops, 2011; Sjostedt, 1977). In parallel, scholars also began to reflect on the European Community’s (EC) activities, role and… Expand
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