Introduction: The Contentious Politics of Refugee and Migrant Protest and Solidarity Movements: Remaking Citizenship from the Margins

  title={Introduction: The Contentious Politics of Refugee and Migrant Protest and Solidarity Movements: Remaking Citizenship from the Margins},
  author={Ilker Ataç and Kim Rygiel and Maurice Stierl},
  journal={Citizenship Studies},
  pages={527 - 544}
Abstract Throughout the world, political mobilizations by refugees, irregularized migrants, and solidarity activists have emerged, demanding and enacting the right to move and to stay, struggling for citizenship and human rights, and protesting the violence and deadliness of contemporary border regimes. These struggles regularly traverse the local and constitute trans-border, trans-categorical, and in fact, social movements. This special issue inquires into their transformative possibilities… 
Themed Special Issue Introduction: the Figure of the Citizen in Times of Crisis—Disappearing, Emerging and Reimagined
Against the backdrop of interminable war on terror, militarised borderzones and neoliberal and securitarian depoliticisation, migrants, refugees, and other undocumented persons are politicising
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Dying to live: migrant deaths and citizenship politics along European borders: transgressions, disruptions, and mobilizations
  • Kim Rygiel
  • Political Science, Sociology
    The Contentious Politics of Refugee and Migrant Protest and Solidarity Movements
  • 2018
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