Introduction: Notes on Feminist Political Thought

  title={Introduction: Notes on Feminist Political Thought},
  author={Cass Robert Sunstein},
  pages={219 - 228}
As the collection of essays in this symposium reveals, the recent growth of feminist thought has produced a wide range of work in political theory-as it has in most areas of the social sciences and the humanities. A large amount of feminist writing deals with various aspects of the social subordination of women. Much of it also discusses the ways in which that historical fact has affected political theory and political practice; and it explores the possibilities for reformulating both by… 

(Self-)censorship and the ideologies of criticism : Latin American feminisms within and outside the Anglo-American institution

This dissertation examines the ways in which the work of Latin American feminist critics affiliated with Anglo-American universities has been marked by adherence to the tenets of mainstream

Liberalism, feminism and republicanism on freedom of speech: the cases of pornography and racist hate speech

The central issue tackled in this thesis is whether there is room for legitimate restrictions upon pornography and extreme right political organisations' racist hate speech; whether such restrictions

An Exploration and Extension of Churchman’s Insights: Towards the Tackling of Racial Discrimination as a World Problem

Churchman’s argument concerning the link between human inquiry and action is explored in this chapter in the context of considering a variety of approaches to the study of “intergroup bias” in social

Advancing Women’s Political Rights in Africa: The Promise and Potential of ACDEG

This paper places women at the centre of analysis, examining the potential and promise of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) in the advancement of women’s political

Social Justice, the Ethics of Care, and Market Economies

This essay explores the roles of social justice and the “ethics of care” as animating forces for social change in light of the near universal ascendance of the principles of market-based economics

Justice and care: The implications of the Kohlberg-Gilligan debate for medical ethics

This paper examines how the orientations of justice and care are played out in medical ethical theory and questions whether the medical moral domain is adequately described by the norms of impartiality, universality, and equality that characterize the liberal ideal.

An Examination and Critique of the Contract Model of Legal Regulation of Preconception Arrangements and an Alternative Proposal for Law Reform in Ontario

This dissertation examines the practice of preconception arrangements (" surrogate motherhood") and the central arguments for its legal permissibility to determine how Ontario ought to respond. It

Feministische Theorien der Politik

Feministische Theoriebildung generell hat sich von Beginn an immer auch als feministische Theorie von Politik verstanden; denn die Kritik an diskriminierenden Strukturen und der

Yours, mine, or ours?: Charting a course through equity’s determination of domestic proprietary interests

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