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Introduction: Mapping postsocialist cultural studies

  title={Introduction: Mapping postsocialist cultural studies},
  author={Magdalena Zaborowska and Sibelan E. S. Forrester and Elena Gapova},
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Postsocialist Fiction and Frameworks: Miroslav Penkov, Lara Vapnyar, and Aleksandar Hemon
  • Ioana Luca
  • Sociology, Art
    Twentieth-Century Literature
  • 2019
Abstract:The article examines how writers Miroslav Penkov, Lara Vapnyar, and Aleksandar Hemon engage and reconfigure representations of the former Eastern Bloc in US literature, including stereotypes
Memories in Dialogue: Transnational Stories About Socialist Childhoods
The chapter is an auto-duo-ethnographic exercise carried out by two scholars of life-writing, who grew up in the late 1970s and 1980s in Hungary and Romania. They draw on life-writing scholarship and
Neoliberal moral economy: Migrant workers' value struggles across temporal and spatial dimensions
This chapter begins with a historical contextualization of postsocialist central and eastern European labour migration to the UK in order to explore how neoliberal restructuring has impacted
Post-Soviet Trauma in the Nordic Imagination: Occupation and Sex Trafficking in Purge and Lilya 4-Ever
Abstract The traumas of the twentieth century affected the development of trauma narrative in literature and cinema. Much of the trauma theory in different disciplines developed largely from the