Introduction: Lessons Learned around the World: Key Success Factors to Enable Process Change

  title={Introduction: Lessons Learned around the World: Key Success Factors to Enable Process Change},
  author={David Dorenbos and Annie Combelles},
  journal={IEEE Softw.},
From Chile to Sweden to Georgia to Hong Kong, for very small teams to large organizations, for basic repeatability to complex technology, the question is the same: Why isn't process change easier? The process articles in this issue demonstrate that aligning interests on a process change is hard work. But more than just facing hard work, each part of an organization's staff must share the values of process change to succeed. Company leadership must have a vision of the benefit. Development teams… 
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The Critical Success Factors in implementation of Software Process Improvement Efforts: CSFs, Motivators & Obstacles

The study (thesis) result shows the lists of CSFs, motivators and obstacles that have positive impact on change management and guides the practitioners in the overall process of SPI initiatives program that provides better mechanism to manage the SPI activities.

Finding out what really happened after SPI assistance in Ireland

This research influenced other activities, such as participating in development of an international standard for small software companies, and designed the research with one assessment model suitable for these potentially different environments.

Release Cycle Management: A Contextualist Inquiry into Recurrent Software Development

An action research study into Software Inc, a large multi-national software provider, addressed the challenges the company faced in managing releases and organizing software process improvement (SPI) to help recurrently develop and deliver a specific product to its customers and the wider marketplace.

Implication of Systematic Review for Prioritization of Factors Affecting Process Improvement

This document identifies the top ten factors with the help of a light weight systematic review and prioritized according to their importance and effectiveness as discussed and used by both Industry and Academia.

Change Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementations: Planning for Success

x, 137 p. This paper was completed as part of the final research component in the University of Oregon Applied Information Management Master's Degree Program [see htpp://].

Identifying Factors Affecting Software Process Improvement during Change

Software process improvement is an important activity which starts when an organization plans to enhance/purify the capabilities of its ongoing processes. When improvement or change is planned or

Improving Recurrent Software Development: A Contextualist Inquiry Into Release Cycle Management

This dissertation presents an action research study into Software Inc., a large multi-national software provider and introduces a new software engineering discipline, release cycle management (RCM), focused on recurrent delivery of software, including SPI as an integral part, and grounded in the specific experiences at Software Inc.

Modelo para valorar las organizaciones al iniciar la mejora de proceso de software. Estudio de Casos.

The main objective of the research is to develop a model to assess the software development organizations to initiate process improvement, considering the experiences of organizations and expert knowledge to help reduce the negative impact of critical success factors.

Systematic Mapping of Value-based Software Engineering : A Systematic Review of Value-based Requirements Engineering

Context: In many organizations, practices and processes of software engineering are carried out in a value-neutral setting. These value-neutral settings within software development are responsible

Strategic Entrepreneurship: An Integrated Innovative Entrepreneurial Process for CRM Implementation at Indian SMEs

The purpose of this theoretical framework is, to provide a better understanding of the prospects, process, problems, usage and issues related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Indian SMEs