Introduction: Incarnations of Christ in Twentieth-Century Fiction

  title={Introduction: Incarnations of Christ in Twentieth-Century Fiction},
  author={Andrew Hock Soon Ng},
  journal={Studies in the Literary Imagination},
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The history of western literature’s intersection with Christianity is a long, often complicated, but strangely complementary one. The latter has provided the ideological basis for the former, either explicitly as a reassertion of the religion’s supremacy, or, more restrictively, as the ethical persuasion underlying literature, while western literature has often been used to clarify and expand, or question and challenge the theological premise of Christianity. This relationship is, of course… 



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‘ Abb ā s Mahmud al - ‘ Aqq ā d ’ s The Genius of Christ : An Innovative Muslim Approach to Jesus . ”

  • Burns
  • 1978

Rainey' s essay deals specifically with films. woRks Cited